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Studio One

The creative space for professional audio production 

The heart of weyrerTon is Studio one. With three interconnected recording rooms, a 96 Input Acousta DCA200 inline console and a versatile microphone selection we are able to handle large recording projects. Albums like "Hi5 - Fünf" and "Herbert Pixner Projekt Summer" have been recorded at Studio One. Its inspirational vibe combined with, professional acoustics and great equipment create the foundation for an outstanding music production.



  • Three interconnected recording rooms (live, dead, adaptive)

  • 96 Input Acousta DCA 200 Inline Console

  • Monitoring: PSI A25 M, Cranesong Avocet, Genelec 1031, KRK, AKG, Sennheiser, Ultrasone

  • Versatile Microphone selection (AKG, Gefell, Manley, etc.)

  • Outboard: Rupert Neve Designs, Elysia, UA, Tube Tech, etc.

  • Keys: Lauberger & Gloss Grand Piano, Synthesizer & Drum machines: Moog, Modal 002, MPC4000, Tempest

Production Suite

Lift your songs to the next level 

The 17 square meter production suite is designed as an all-round recording and mixing environment. No matter wether you want to record a vocal, a guitar or mix your songs to be master ready - our Production Suite provides you with professional acoustic treatment and technical equipment. Further you have access to the lounge as well as a fully equipped kitchen to refill the batteries, chill and relax while taking a break.

Send us your inquiry. We will cover 50% of the costs of your first daily booking!

Permanent Equipment

  • Monitoring: Genelec 1031; SPL2 Control 

  • Outboard: AMEK Stereo Preamp; SPL Gain Station, UREI LA4

  • AD|DA: RME Babyface FS

  • Mic: Brauner Phantom Classic

  • Controller: M-Audio Axiom 49; Ableton Push 1

  • Project record player

  • Rates start from €100,- (excl.VAT)/day

  • Opening hours: Su.-Mo. - 9:00AM-22:00PM

Floating Equipment

  • Moog Voyager, Dave Smith Tempest, Modal 002

  • Shadow Hills Mono Gama (2x) & Neve 1073 Preamp (2x)

  • Microphones: Check our equipment list for all available microphones


Who we are

The studio is run by producer and audio engineer Kenneth Winkler. The music passionate started his career as a song writer and producer  for various band projects and composer for theater, ballet and opera productions. Kenneth then founded weyrerTon in 2011 and enfolded his vision of a vivid recording studio over the years. The weyrerTon studios have become home to various producers, composers, musicians and sound designers. An inspirational microcosm that provides  expertise and resources for all sorts of professional audio production. 

Kenneth Winkler weyrerTon founder_picby_MartinBayer_01.jpg


weyrerTon has  a hybrid approach and combines the best out of both worlds: Analog Outboard Equipment and State-of-the-art Software Plug Ins. Besides our most important tool - our trained ears, we offer:

  • 96 Input Acousta DCA 200 Inline Console

  • Monitoring: PSI A25 M, Crane Song Avocet, Genelec, Neumann, AKG, Sennheiser, Ultrasone

  • Versatile Microphone Selection: AKG, Gefell, Manley, etc.

  • Outboard Gear: Rupert Neve Designs, Elysia, UA, Tube Tech, etc.

  • Keys: Lauberger & Gloss Grand Piano, Modal oo2, Moog Voyager, Dave Smith Tempest, etc.

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