Born and raised in Innsbruck, Kenneth started playing the clarinet and saxophone at the age of 10 before he discovered his love for HipHop and Black Music. Besides writing lyrics and producing songs he developed a passion for studio equipment as technical as well as creative tools.


After graduating from the "Fachschule für Elektronik" Kenneth got a position as an intern at the audio engineering department of the Tiroler Landestheater which soon changed to a full time audio engineer employment. Obtaining a professional engineering skill set was the foundation he needed to build weyrerTon at the age of 23.


Besides writing and releasing music for his electronica project "Kentrix" he was recognised for his scores for theater plays, ballet pieces and the chamber opera "Totentanz". As engineer and producer at weyrerTon he was involved in productions for clients such as "Herbert Pixner Projekt", the Jazz Band "HI5", singer/songwriter "Little Element", the reissue label "digatone", british beat producer "2econd class citizen", the company "mont blanc" or the singer/songwriter "Character".

focus skills      producing, composing

                              - engineering

Kenneth Winkler

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