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No matter wether it is a voice over, an overdub recording for your next single or a full band recording and album production, our infrastructure, the versatile microphone selection and expertise in audio engineering allow us to capture your performance in the most authentic way possible.

  • Musical recordings (solo instruments / choirs / bands / vocals)

  • Grand Piano recording on our superb sounding Lauberger & Gloss

  • Band live recording up to 24 Channels (Direct-To-Disc)

  • Voice over recordings (eg.: lead vocals, audiobooks, adverts)

  • Session Link Pro Remote Recording



Crafting an exciting and compelling Mix is an essential part of every production in today's music and audio industry. Wether a song production is successful or not is often decided by the quality of the Mix and its creativity. Luckily our dedication leaves us no choice other than creating such a Mix. 

  • Music: Singles, Albums

  • Moving Picture

  • Advert (TV, Radio, Online)

  • Audiobooks



Years of experience and plenty of successful releases mastered at weyrerTon have proven our ability to deliver a great sounding master that suits your production. With a focus the black gold, Mastering Engineer Kenneth Winkler has created an impressive credit list over the years. 

  • Vinyl Mastering (In-house lathe cutter with SC99 Vinylium head)

  • STEM Mastering with 4+ Stereo Groups (€ 190,-)

  • Mastering for streaming and digital media (€ 100,-)

  • Re-Mastering (reissue mastering, restauration)

  • CD-Master (DDP creation)

Kenneth Studio-13.jpg


Our collection of analog playback devices, allows us to offer digitisation of the media you provide.

  • Tape Transfer: 1/4 inch Tape Transfer On Our Studer A 807

  • Music Casette Transfer

  • Vinyl: Transfer Any Vinyl Or Even Shellac On Our Technics 1200 G 

Take a tour and get inspired by weyrerTon vibes...

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