Our team offers a wide range of audio related services. From easy technical tasks, such as digitalising a tape or recording a vocal for an advert,  to the complex and creative job of producing and engineering a full length Album.



With 3 separate recording rooms and a control room with a 96 input console we can handle huge recording sessions. Our versatile microphone selection and expertise in engineering allow us to capture your performance in the most authentic way possible! 

  • All kinds of musical recordings (solo instruments / choirs / bands)

  • Band live recording (Direct-To-Disc Possible Too!)

  • Voice over recordings (eg.: audiobooks, adverts)

  • Session Link Pro Remote Recording



We offer our expertise and equipment as well as the ability to translate your wishes to create an exciting mix. We provide a hands-on approach, in a hybrid mixing environment. In the standard mixing setup we feed our console Acousta DCA 200 with 24 DAW channels. Patching various kinds of outboard in between when needed, to lift it up onto the next level.
With our far end recording web client, we are also able to offer Online Mixing. No matter where you live, you can join the mixdown session!



With a combination of a versatile mastering chain and years of expertise, we have been creating  convincing masters for the last 10 years. 

  • Mastering for streaming and digital media

  • Re-Mastering (reissue mastering, restauration)

  • Vinylmaster ( plus testcut on our in-house lathe cutter)

  • CD-Master (DDP creation)



Our collection of analog playback devices, allows us to offer digitisation of the media you provide.

  • Tape Transfer: 1/4 inch Tape Transfer On Our Studer A 807

  • Music Casette Transfer

  • Vinyl: Transfer Any Vinyl Or Even Shellac On Our Technics 1200 G 

Rent the studio

Looking for a suitable recording and production facility? You can rent our studio! Depending on your needs we will set up your desired production setup and provide you with the gear wanted. Check out the Studio page for more information or send us a request to discuss further.​


With a team of outside-of-the-box thinking engineers and producers we are not just able to execute your project in the best way possible, but to supply you with the spark that lifts it onto the next level. 


Drop us a line, set up a meeting and tell us more about your upcoming project!