Have a look at our "Tonstudio" in Innsbruck...

The professional Music Production Facility

WeyrerTon, Music Studio Innsbruck
  • 3 Interconnected Recording Rooms

  • Large Microphone Selection

  • 32 Channel Mixing Console

  • Versatile Analog Outboard Gear

Production Suite

WeyrerTon, Music Studio Innsbruck

Opening Soon!

Production/Mixing room for rent on a daily basis

  • Room Acoustics Designed for Recording And Mixing

  • Professional Monitoring (Neumann KH 310)

  • Ideal For Songwriters & Bedroom Producers

  • Rates From 80€ Daily

Matthias Hacksteiner

Matthias Hacksteiner

Composer|Sound Designer

Our Team

Kenneth Winkler | CEO


Matthias Deimann



weyrerTon has  a hybrid approach and combines the best out of both worlds: Analog Outboard Equipment and State-of-the-art Software Plug Ins. Besides our most important tool - our trained ears, we offer:

  • Versatile Microphone Locker (AKG, Gefell, Manley, etc.)

  • Selected Outboard Gear (Rupert Neve Designs, Elysia, UA, Tube Tech, etc.)

  • Keys and Synths: Grand Piano, Modal oo2, Moog Voyager, Dave Smith Tempest

  • Monitoring: Genelec, Neumann, AKG, Sennheiser, Ultrasone



The pricing is always set to the particular requirements of the project. Just get in touch with us, and we can discuss further!