Our studio facilities and equipment allow us to offer recording, mixing and mastering at industry standards and beyond. Our team works for international bands, production companies as well as local musicians and businesses. 

The Music Production Facility

  • 3 Interconnected Recording Rooms

  • Large Microphone Selection

  • 32 Channel Mixing Console

  • Versatile Analog Outboard Gear

Production Suite

Production & Mixing Room 

  • Room Acoustics Designed for Recording And Mixing

  • Professional Monitoring (Neumann KH 310)

  • Ideal For Songwriters & Bedroom Producers

  • Rates From 80€ Daily

Production suite_edited.jpg
Matthias Hacksteiner

Matthias Hacksteiner

Composer|Sound Designer

Our Team

Kenneth Winkler - kentrix

Kenneth Winkler | CEO



weyrerTon has  a hybrid approach and combines the best out of both worlds: Analog Outboard Equipment and State-of-the-art Software Plug Ins. Besides our most important tool - our trained ears, we offer:

  • Versatile Microphone Locker (AKG, Gefell, Manley, etc.)

  • Selected Outboard Gear (Rupert Neve Designs, Elysia, UA, Tube Tech, etc.)

  • Keys and Synths: Grand Piano, Modal oo2, Moog Voyager, Dave Smith Tempest

  • Monitoring: Genelec, Neumann, AKG, Sennheiser, Ultrasone



The pricing is always set to the particular requirements of the project. Just get in touch with us, and we can discuss further!