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Studio One

  • A living room kind of vibe, combined with state of the art studio technology

  • Three recording spaces connected to one control room

  • 96 input studio desk

  • Additional mic preamps: Neve, Shadow Hills Universal Audio, SPL etc.

  • Hybrid Approach

  • Large and versatile microphone collection

  • Keys: Grand Piano - Lauberger & Gloss | Moog Voyager | MODAL002 

Control Room

  • 96 input studio desk

  • High grade analog dynamics & EQ´s

  • Audio routing to 3 recording spaces

  • Professional acoustic treatment

Dead Room

  • 13 qm2 recording room

  • Professional acoustics for a dry and upfront sound

  • Perfect for everything that needs to be in your face (vocals, solo instruments, speaker jobs, drums)

Live Room

  • 50 qm2 recording room with modular audio treatment

  • A living room kind-of-vibe featuring room acoustics providing beautiful ambience

  • Perfect for live band recordings, choirs, grand piano​​

  • Connectable to all other studio rooms

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