Studio One

  • A Living Room Kind Of Vibe, Combined With State Of The Art Studio Technology

  • Three Recording Spaces Connected To One Control Room

  • 96 Input Studio Desk

  • Additional Mic Preamps: Neve, Shadow Hills Universal Audio, SPL etc.

  • Mastering Quality Outboard Gear

  • Large And Versatile Microphone Collection

  • Keys: Grand Piano - Lauberger and Gloss | Moog Voyager | MODAL002 

Control Room

  • 96 Input Studio desk

  • High grade Analog Dynamics & EQ´s

  • Audio Connection To 3 Recording Spaces

  • Professional Acoustic Treatment

Dead Room

  • 13 qm2 Recording Room

  • Professional Acoustics For a Very "Dry" Sound

  • Perfect For Everything That Needs To Be In Your Face (Vocals, Solo Instruments, Speaker, dry Drums)

  • Connectable To All Other Studio Rooms

Live Room

  • 50 qm2 Recording Room With Modular Audio Treatment

  • A Living Room Kind-Of-Vibe Featuring Room Acoustics Providing Beautiful Ambience

  • Perfect for Choirs or Live Band Recordings​​

  • Connectable To All Other Studio Rooms

Studio Juli 2012-5-2 bw.jpg

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