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The recording studio in Innsbruck | Austria

introducing   weyrerTo


Glad you found us! While you are here, let us give you a few insights to the studio. weyrerTon was built in 2011 in an old factory building in Innsbruck. A hundred years ago, clothes were manufactured within these walls. Over time, the area transformed to a vivid and colourful place for the creative industry as well as craftsmanship. But basically... a lot of open minded people live here these days. Located in Tirol in the city of Innsbruck, Austria, we are surrounded by mountains. The woods are as close as the city. 

When Kenneth Winkler, the founder, decided to build a studio, his intention was always to create a place where you feel at home and are able to make and produce music the exact way you want it. So combining a great, comfy vibe with state of the art studio technology was the goal to achieve. With the help of Franz Fleischanderl (may he rest in peace) and his acoustic design and a year of hard work the studio emerged from the drawing board. weyrerTon was born and developed itself to the place Kenneth Winkler had in mind when he first started thinking about it. A high end studio in a living room!

Serving international professionals as well as up and coming local artists, bands and brands, we understand weyrerTon as a place of creative discourse for any kind of music and audio related media. With a team of well educated, outside of the box thinking engineers and producers we are not just able to execute your project in the best way possible, but to supply you with the spark that lifts it onto the next level. 

Curious about our work?

Check out this playlist featuring songs with our involvement

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