Tyrolean Harp - Kontact Library

The first professionally produced wooden Harp

Combines great sound with an intuitive design

NKS and Kontact Free compatible

"This excetional library has this extra warmth and spark, many other libraries are lacking"

Max Music Maker - Famous Music Producer



Tyrolean Harp - Kontakt Library

€ 120,00Price
  • - 3 different styles: pluck; nail; harmonic
    - Mix in between three sound options: close, width, room
    - Recorded with 6 Mic´s, from 3 positions
    closeA/B, close M/S and room
    - 3.384 Samples, 15.2 GB uncompressed wav
    - 6.2 GB lossless compressed ncw
    - 96kHz, 24bit
    - Kontakt Sample Library (requires 5.86 or higher)
    - Kompatible with Kontact Free Player 
    - NKS kompatible

"Testimonial 2 wooow this is amazin"

"Testimonial 3 yeeeeh soo goood"

"Testimonial 4 sooo damn increadible"

With the harpist Christine Gundolf we produced a library Instrument out of the exceptional tyrolean harp! This special kind of harp is relatively unknown outside of the alpine region, but its characteristic warm and colorful sound is something unique.

The harp comes with three different playing styles (pluck, nail, harmonics) and the possibility to blend stepless in between three microphone systems and their sound options. 

To capture every detail, this instrument was recorded with six Mic´s out of 3 general  positions. The close Setup: A-B: One U47 FET at the bottom and one Sennheiser MKH 40 at the top. A secound close setup M/S: Schoeps M/S System with a distance of 40cm looking into the middle of the instrument. And two room Mics: DPA ST4011 C  2 meters away from the harp with a height of 2,30m.

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