Izzy grew up in a little town in Berkshire in a family of musicians. Compose her own songs on the piano at age 10. After her music scholarship at Marlborough College she moved up to north England to study Music and Music Engineering at Leeds University, Yorkshire. Having spent 6 years working in London she took a climbing trip to Innsbruck... this turned into a long holiday! Having now lived here for 4 years she can finally (mostly) speak the language and is happily settled in the beautiful mountain city. She loves innsbruck as it's the perfect mix between nature and creativity. 


Izzy is a trained Music & Sound Engineer specialising in Post-Production, Sonic Branding & Song-writing/producing. With over a decade of experience working at both top post-production house Molinare (London) and with international composers. More recently she has been busy producing her own debut album - Character. 

Isobel Cope

focus skills       - song writing

                               - sonic branding

                               - sound design

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Ferdinand Weyrerstraße

6020 Innsbruck


+43 650 3957945

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